Think of the term ‘good website design’ and the chances are you might focus on how attractive the site looks. Yet aesthetics is just one aspect of what makes a website work well. In fact, there are lots of other elements that need to be thrown into the mix when it comes to good website design.

The website journey

Whatever your website design ideas, the vital element is that these ideas tie in together to take the user on a journey around the site. This journey should follow a simple, clear and logical path, that provides the user with information, as and when they need it. Creating a logical navigational path, while providing relevant information, requires skill and expertise. It needs the careful consideration of use of text, positioning, colour, size and various other design elements for successful execution.

A sense of purpose

Good website design also makes it clear from the start what the site is about. By using the right mix of spacing, typography, content, graphics and images, the design of a site can engage a reader, rather than leave them feeling overwhelmed by content or confused as to the purpose. Good website design also needs to encompass the values and ethos of the brand, and emphasise these in a consistent fashion throughout the site, so vital messages are reinforced.

Stand out from the crowd

The internet is overcrowded and websites are at risk of getting lost. Good website design helps to pull a site out of the crowd, so that it is memorable and offers something unique compared to its competitors. Your website design cost doesn’t need to become over-inflated to achieve this. Often, the simplest of sites can be the most effective at creating a lasting impression.

Accessible and responsive

When looking at how to design a website, these days, there are some aspects you simply can no longer ignore. A good website should be accessible, so that the typeface is easy to read, particularly at different sizes. It should also be incorporated with responsive design, so that it can be conveniently accessed on various mobile devices.