Let’s just start by saying that websites are great. They really are. They allow you to showcase exactly who you are and what you can do, quickly and easily. Your website can be fun, it can be unique, it can be clever, it can be interesting; it can be everything you are, really.

But it needs to be good. At least, if you want to be good, then your website needs to be good too. Rightly or wrongly (rightly, we think, given that web design is our thing), you will be judged on your website. That means that you need a good website design to show the world what you’re all about.

Anybody can make a website these days. We can, you can, your neighbour’s ten year old daughter probably can. The difference is though, that we can offer you a bespoke website that is tailored exactly to you and your needs, rather than forcing your content into a pre-existing template. Templates are fine, sure, but if you use a template then your website will be just the same as everybody else’s. Do you want to be just the same or do you want to be better?

You will find that, with lots of website templates, you are extremely limited with regards to the amount of customising you can do to it. Spend a few hours trying to resize a text box that just won’t be resized and you’ll realise how incredibly frustrating that is. It also means there are likely to be some features that simply aren’t relevant to you, but you’re stuck with them anyway, clumsily taking up space where something valuable could be.

Take into account how search engine friendly your website is too. A template may look pretty, but if the background coding isn’t done correctly, it could be detrimental to your attempts at online marketing. On the flip side, we can build your website to make it as SEO friendly as possible.

It’s simple, really. Web design templates are fine. They’re okay. They do the job. They aren’t the best though – and we want the best for you.